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The New Casanova Museum and Experience in Venice

On April 2, 2018 (anniversary of Giacomo Casanova’s birth) a new museum has been inaugurated at Ca’ Pesaro Papafava Palace, 20 minutes walk from Bloom B&B, the Casanova Museum and Experience, a multimedia museum dedicated to one of the greatest characters in the history of Venice, Giacomo Casanova.
Great traveler, libertine, intellectual, lover and gambler, Casanova embodies and still symbolizes love for life and for adventure.

The aim of the multimedia journey offered by Casanova Museum & Experience is to present a complete overview of Giacomo Casanova’s life, starting from the places of his birth and childhood in Venice, across his countless trips in Italy and Europe, his return to Venice, his love stories, love for gambling, emprisonment and escape, exile, life in the main European Courts. And again his writings, literary works, the eighteenth century fashion, up to the modern film representation of Casanova, from director Fellini onwards.

A real adventure inside this new museum in Venice, an experience that we at the Bloom B&B recommend to all our guests.