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Palazzo Grassi

Palazzo Grassi reopens in March 2019 with a new, great exhibition organized by the Pinault Foundation. Since 2006 the Foundation, thanks to the renovation by the archistar Tadao Ando, has turned Palazzo Grassi into the most important area for contemporary art in Venice. Palazzo Grassi hosts both monographic and collective exhibitions, and the 2019 exhibition is dedicated to one author: Luc Tuymans. The works of the sixty-year-old Belgian artist will be on display at “La Pelle.” (The Skin).

The exhibition will feature 80 of his paintings, coming from the François Pinault Collection, from European and American museums, and from private collections all over the world. They will be testament to Tuyman’s contribution to bringing back painting to the forefront of contemporary art.

Luc Tuyman’s paintings were selected by Caroline Burgeois, the curator of the exhibition, together with Tuymans himself. The artist also contributed to making this exhibition really unmissable with a site-specific work, created exclusively for Palazzo Grassi and the Pinault Foundation.

It is typical of François Pinault, in fact, to give complete freedom to the protagonist of the monographic exhibitions, and this is why the work at Palazzo Grassi will be truly unique.

“La Pelle. Luc Tuymans”
Palazzo Grassi, a five-minute walk from Bloom B&B.
From March 24th, 2019 to January 6th, 2020.