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Palazzo Ducale Venice: Canaletto exhibition in Venice

The Palazzo Ducale in Venice opens the season of great exhibitions with “Canaletto and Venice”.

From February 23rd to June 9th, 2019, the masterpieces of the most famous painter of eighteenth-century Venice, Giovanni Antonio Canaletto, aka Canaletto, will be on display at the Doge’s Apartments. This will be a unique occasion to admire the works of the master of Vedutismo, the pictorial movement that revolutionized landscape painting in Europe. The exhibition takes the viewer through the paintings of Canaletto‘s contemporaries and into the atmosphere of great artistic and cultural vitality that Venice experienced in the 18th century.

Among the other painters, we have to mention Luca Carlevarijs, one of Canaletto’s precursors, Rosalba Carriera, who painted portraits of aristocrats all over Europe, and Pietro Longhi, famous for his pictorial depiction of everyday life in Venice, from the palaces of the nobility to the city’s narrow streets. There are also masterpieces by Giambattista Tiepolo and Antonio Canova, the artists that started neoclassicism.

Palazzo Ducale in Venice is close to Bloom B&B, just a five-minute walk away. It is one of the monuments you just have to visit when you’re in Venice. A great masterpiece of Gothic art, the Palazzo Ducale has been the seat of the Serenissima Republic’s government and the Doge’s residency from the 8th to the 18th century. It hosts wonderful pieces of art and today it is the museum where the most important art exhibitions in Venice take place.