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Calendar, Events, Parties of the Venice Carnival 2018

The Venice Carnival 2018 begins on Saturday January 27 and ends on Tuesday February 13.

We at B&B Bloom are glad to report below the main events of Venice Carnival 2018:

- Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 January, the opening of the Carnival on the Grand Canal and the Cannaregio district with The Venetian Festival on the Water, a great day and evening show on the water and a parade of masks that announce the arrival of Carnival to the city.

- Saturday February 3, Feast and Procession of the Marie in Piazza San Marco

- Sunday February 4, Flight of the Angel in St. Mark’s Square

- Saturday February 10 evening, The Grand Ball of the Doge at Palazzo Pisani Moretta and Casanova Grand Ball. The Forbidden Game at Palazzo Ca’ Zeno, the most exclusive parties in venice with masks and Venetian costumes

- Sunday February 11, Flight of the Eagle and Award to The Most Beautiful Mask

- Tuesday February 13 the closing of the Carnival with the  Award to the Maria, the Flight of the Lion in St. Mark’s Square and The rowing of Silence, a spectacular evening procession of silent gondolas that from the Rialto Bridge reach the San Marco Basin, passing along a Grand Canal illuminated by candlelights.

B&B Bloom recommends all guests to fully immerse in the Venice Carnival 2018, still and always the most beautiful in the world!